About Us


Abdul Aziz & Sons is a professional and innovative company, under the group of ARAATCO, (Abdul Rauf & Abdul Aziz Trading Company) established in 1999 in Dubai, UAE.


We have over 20 years of experience specializing in the supply of all sorts of Bulk Wiping Rags, Cotton Rags, Rag Wipers, and cotton waste to all types of commercial and industrial applications. An example includes general cleaning and polishing automotive services and we are not only taking care of your cleanliness, but we have been providing you safety and supplying a variety of safety items including coveralls, gloves, and other products.


Abdul Aziz & Sons is recognized for its outstanding quality services with the best market prices and always believes in long-lasting business relationships with commitment and strong determination.

We are a supplier and manufacturer of all types of affordable Wiping Rags, Cotton Rags, other cleaning cloths, and cotton waste  – All types, sizes, and packing available. Enhance cleanliness and save money with a large selection of wiping rags and wiping towels best suitable as per your need for your cleaning jobs. We have a number of quality products as per your requirement from wiping grease or oil to a car polishing material or to cleaning your office wall or your restaurant table. Just choose whatever you need from a large selection of absorbent cloth.

Currently, the Group holds two major companies in UAE and one is based in Karachi, Pakistan. We have invested time and money into developing the Safe Rag standard, and improving and automating the Safe Rag process for cleaning cloths.