New Cotton Wiping Rags

New cotton wiping rags also known as fresh cotton wiping rags/fresh rag wiper, which is not recycled wiping rags or reclaimed cotton wiping rags, and it is fresh material that directly comes from textile fabric industries. This type of cotton cleaning rags is unused cotton wiping rags that are cut from cloths and T-shirts which …


White Cotton Wiping Rags

White Cotton Wiping Rags: This type of Wiping Cloth is colorless which means they have a quality that you can use it in any sort of cleaning job even if it includes chemicals & Solvents or not, in comparison to color cotton wiping rags these cloth rags do not bleed because they are colorless, on …


4 Different Cleaning Jobs with Wiping Rags

General Cleaning: Rag Wipers are used in many general cleaning Jobs, which include any sort of home cleaning such as dusting, oil & water wiping, kitchen, mirror, glass cleaning, etc. These cleaning cloths will help you clean your home, vehicles, and other appliances. The wiping rags which we recommend for general cleaning are Recycled Mix …