• New White Polo, Rib, Thermal Etc
  • Mix Cotton Material and will not bleed when used with solvents or chemicals
  • Recommended for  painting, polishing, and finishing applications
  • Medium Absorbency and Low Lint
  • Estimated Size: 14″x14″
  • Code: F-03


These cotton Rags contain polo, rib, and thermal quality New Material but Bleached and it is not a recycled product, just like the New Bleached 100% cotton, this cleaning rag is a color product but then after bleaching and washing all the colors get vanished and finally we get our white material. It is the mixture of different shades of white color such as half-white that is why it is called mixed white cotton wiping rags. You can use it in solvents and chemicals-related cleaning work because it will not bleed as the color cotton rags do. With the cheap prices of this wiping rag, you will get medium absorbency and low lint which will properly absorb any liquid. so we highly recommend using this cotton rag for cleaning purposes related to painting, polishing, and finishing applications because in this type of cleaning chemicals are pretty much engaged and you can not use colored cotton rags. Talking about the size it is commonly approximately 14″ x  14″ but we can resize this wiping rag as per the client’s requirement.


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